Babybird 'King of Nothing' - A NAKED Exclusive Limited Edition Album on White Eco-Friendly vinyl

Babybird 'King of Nothing' - A NAKED Exclusive Limited Edition Album on White Eco-Friendly vinyl

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We are delighted to announce that Babybird's 'King of Nothing' is our very first NAKED release!

Limited to only 500 numbered Limited Edition copies, pressed onto eco-friendly white vinyl and packaged in a beautiful eco-friendly sleeve is this NAKED Record Club Exclusive which you won't find anywhere else. 

Only 50 copies are being offered to customers without NAKED membership as part of our NAKED LAUNCH PROMOTION so be sure to snap up your copy super fast!

Record review by NAKED curator Simon Parker, Founder of Vinyl Revolution:

"Stephen Jones (aka Babybird) is one of the best songwriters of the last twenty-five years. If you care to take a look there's a trail of excellent albums to indulge in and It's still hugely frustrating that people have him pegged as a bland one-hit wonder. Thanks to the dubious pleasures of that monster 1996 hit 'You're Gorgeous', many have him pegged as a Britpop also-ran. But most of Stephen's work concerns darker themes disguised in sumptuous melodies and that particularly wonderful voice. A while back I had the pleasure of promoting a Babybird live show in Brighton. It remains the only time in my twelve year tenure that I ever received a written letter of complaint (for something rude Mr Jones allegedly barked into his microphone during his set). Welcome then to Babybird, plugged in and rebooted for the modern world.

'King of Nothing' first appeared in 2020 via Bandcamp. Over the past few years, Stephen Jones has released an incredible amount of music online, unfettered by the constraints of a traditional record company. 'King of Nothing' is up there with his very best albums, packed full of melodic ge(r)ms that burrow deep into your brain. Every song's a highlight and for this reason it just HAD to become a NAKED album.

Check out the infectious 'Vacuous', a perfect radio tune playing endlessly on an imaginary airwave. Album opener 'Feel' ebbs and grows like an oncoming thunderstorm whilst 'Happiest Girl' (one of two bonus tracks included on the NAKED vinyl release) will stop you dead in your tracks. Nobody else sings about the human condition with such clarity. 'King of Nothing' swaggers like Liam Gallagher on a night out in a new coat. Get ready to worship real pop royalty.

Welcome to NAKED"

NAKED deliveries will start in June 2022 and 'King of Nothing' will be our first delivery.