Beezewax 'Oh Tahoe' - A NAKED Exclusive Limited Edition Album on Natural transparent Eco-Friendly vinyl.

Beezewax 'Oh Tahoe' - A NAKED Exclusive Limited Edition Album on Natural transparent Eco-Friendly vinyl.

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We are delighted to announce that 'Oh Tahoe' by Beezewax is our second NAKED release.

Limited to only 500 numbered Limited Edition copies, pressed onto eco-friendly Natural transparent vinyl and packaged in a beautiful eco-friendly sleeve is this NAKED Exclusive which you won't find anywhere else. 

Only 50 copies are being offered to customers without NAKED membership as part of our NAKED LAUNCH PROMOTION so be sure to snap up your copy super fast!

Record review by NAKED curator Simon Parker, Founder of Vinyl Revolution:

"So there I was. Spending money at the local record fair as if it was going out of fashion sometime during 2002. Physically, I couldn't carry any more vinyl that day, but on my way out of the Brighton Centre I happened to spy an interesting bunch of promo CD's. And there it was. One of the best albums I heard that year. Or any year, come to think of it.

I'm still not sure why I picked up that copy of 'Oh Tahoe' by Beezewax but it was one of the best decisions I ever made! And it's still my favourite album by a Norwegian band (sorry A-ha but you're gonna have to be content with positions two and three). 'Oh Tahoe' makes me glad to be alive. There's a spirit that recharges me even when the batteries are completely flat. Because every song takes you...there.

'All The Overseas'. 'Big Bad Car', 'Phonebooth Minutes' (especially 'Phonebooth Minutes') and 'Yesterday Lied' are epic ruminations on those little moments in life that mean so much. And that's ONLY side one! Stay tuned for 'Good luck & Goodbye' and 'The Brighton Concorde'. Yep, that's right. A love song which takes place inside one of the best venues in my (now ex) hometown.

And I haven't even mentioned 'We Used To Talk About The Future'. Kenneth Ishak's lyrics are always great but the line 'I'm unhappy here' is just...perfect. 'Oh Tahoe' is a brilliant album and I'm so proud that we're pressing it on vinyl for the first time to celebrated it's 20th anniversary.

Who would have known that a £1 CD could lead to this..."

NAKED deliveries will start in September 2022 and Oh Tahoe is expected to be delivered in October 2022.