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For some of us the thrill of buying records is in the browsing. But for many, visiting a record shop can be a daunting experience where more often than not, you will forget what you are looking for, or even worse, come out with something you don't really want.

Vinyl Revolution's VIP Vinyl Shopping Experience was created by accident. During Covid19 lockdown we were contacted by customers who missed the friendly personal one on one shopping experience which Simon provided so well in the Vinyl Revolution shops. We realised that not having a physical shop did not need to stop Simon from providing a personal face to face shopping service. He could do it online using Skype or Zoom.  This is how our VIP Vinyl Shopping Experience started and it's turned out to be fantastic fun!

Simon explains:

"Some people spend years training to become a doctor, pilot or teacher. I’ve spent over 40 years at the school of rock where I remain one of its eternal students. And it isn’t merely the records that excite me, it’s the stories behind the bands and their members, those odd musical connections, unexpected influences and that way in which pertinent events add to the timeline. Here’s where being fifty actually helps, because I’ve experienced many of these occurrences in real time. This knowledge isn’t something that I ever really think about, it’s just there when I need it. So it’s my duty to put it to good use.

Since founding Vinyl Revolution I have realised that my greatest pleasure is sharing this insatiable passion for music with those on their own personal quests. I gain a great feeling of satisfaction by helping join the dots for those who need more than just another Spotify recommendation or random YouTube algorithm. With a subject as vast as music it helps to have someone who can read the map and point to where the great stuff is stashed"


Who is the VIP Vinyl Shopping Service for?

    This service is perfect for someone wanting to create their first record collection or wanting to expand their existing record collection who is in need of a little friendly guidance and introductions to new genres or records in tune with their musical taste

    Here's how it works:

    STEP 1: 

    Pay for your VIP Vinyl Shopping Experience with Simon. Or better still get somoeone to buy this for you as a present!

    STEP 2:

    Contact Vinyl Revolution to book your 2 hour virtual shopping experience with Simon (sessions often overrun - we're flexible!)

    STEP 3:

    Meet Simon over Zoom (or equivalent) for a couple of hours of enjoyable discussion to agree a shortlist of records you would like to add to your record collection.  It is quite possible that your discussion will be powered by caffeine or alcohol. Simon will approach this session open minded but armed with long lists of recommendations from many musicial genres. Simon is NOT A MUSICAL SNOB, he will be lead by your tastes and not his own and will be just as likely to recommend Amy Winehouse, The Stone Roses or Billie Eilish as Idles, The National or The Fall.

    STEP 4:

    Simon will review your short-list, check current availability (some records go in and out of press very quickly) and email you a list of vinyl records which meet your budget and are available to purchase from your short list. You will make your final decisions and place your order.

    STEP 5:

    Your records will be delivered to your location of choice for a lifetime of listening pleasure!

    Important things you need to know before you order this service:

    • It will be fun!
    • Unfortunately it does come cheap - it is for a very special occasion! To cover our costs we need to ask for a minimum advance payment of £500 as a VIP Vinyl Experience payment or as a Gift Voucher (which equates to around 20-25 average priced vinyl records)
      • We will need you to buy a minimum of 25 records.  In return we will provide you with free delivery in UK and mainland Europe (we can deliver to other countries but there will be an additional delivery charge).
        • Although we will aim to deliver all records in a single delivery within 5 days of order this might not always be possible and delivery may need to be split.
        • This service is for the purchase of newly pressed records (rather than vintage ones) that we source from our standard record distributors. It may be possible for us to also source vintage records for you but this will need to be agreed separately and undertaken at additional cost.