The Chesterfields 'Kettle' - A NAKED Exclusive Limited Edition Album on Pink Eco-Friendly vinyl.

The Chesterfields 'Kettle' - A NAKED Exclusive Limited Edition Album on Pink Eco-Friendly vinyl.

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We are delighted to announce that 'Kettle' by The Chesterfield's is our fourth NAKED release.

Limited to only 500 numbered Limited Edition copies, pressed onto eco-friendly pink vinyl and packaged in a beautiful eco-friendly sleeve is this NAKED Exclusive which you won't find anywhere else. 

Only 50 copies are being offered to customers without NAKED membership as part of our NAKED LAUNCH PROMOTION so be sure to snap up your copy super fast!

Record review by NAKED curator Simon Parker, Founder of Vinyl Revolution:

"1987 was a glorious year. A few months on from NME's C-86 era-defining cassette, independent bands were busy hammering nails into the coffin of ailing chart music with their DM's. Suddenly there was an alternative.

The Chesterfields 'Kettle' is the must have moment of indie '87. From that iconic pop-art sleeve to the twin vocal assault courtesy of Davey Goldsworthy and Simon Barber, this is a perfect pop album. And yet somehow it's fallen into the cracks of history. NAKED hopes to help change this.

'Kettle' offers up a dozen dizzying songs crammed full of elegant hooks. There's not a duff track in sight. Performed with a confidence and ability that belied the sometimes shambling attitudes of alternative music during this time period, producer John Parrish (Automatic Dlamini) captured a band at the peak of its powers.  And on top of this it's FUN! Check out 'Everything A Boy Could Ever Need' for a bonkers false ending and admire the skidding 'Kiss Me Stupid', which somehow reimagines Haircut 100 as a jangling indie band. 'Ask Johnny Dee' concerns itself with the whereabouts of the Brighton based indie journalist and became something of an indie call to arms. For a short while at least. Success in Japan and touring with the likes of Edwyn Collins couldn't catapult the band to mainstream success but their legacy is assured with an album as good as 'Kettle'.

The Chesterfields recently reformed and, as of 2021, are currently recording a new album with John Parrish, who has now been PJ Harvey's foil for many years. It's great to have them back!

Sadly, Davey Goldsworthy was the victim of a fatal hit and run in 2003 but NAKED would like to dedicate this album to his memory.

Join us. And put 'Kettle' on..."

NAKED deliveries will start in September 2022 and Kettle is expected to be delivered in December 2022.