Vinyl Revolution - Top tunes de 2021 (40-31)


40.The Shop Window - Evacuate

Medway indie rockers made good with 2021's 'The State of Being Human'. '90's inspired jangle-pop has rarely sounded better and 'Evacuate' is one of many highlights on the bands glorious debut.
The Shop Window

39. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - We Are Not Alone

2021 has been another incredibly creative year for Nick Cave and his (red) right-hand man Warren Ellis. This track is taken from the soundtrack to the visually stunning 'La Panthère des Neiges'. True fact; Warren Ellis visited Vinyl Revolution's Brighton store on several occasions and owns at least two of our 'Bowie Bolt' beach towels!

38. Lambchop - Fuku

These days Lambchop inhabit a planet in a very distant musical galaxy, but their work is still enthralling, beautiful and totally individual. 'Fuku' is taken from the recent 'Showtunes' album which reveals new highlights with every listen.


37. Teen Creeps - Seeing Shapes

A visceral blast of buzzing indie noise, Belguim's Teen Creeps made a great album called 'Forever' in 2021 and this is one of the tastiest cuts!

Teen Creeps

36. Teenage Dads - Thank You For the Honey, Honey

Australian melodic popsters Teenage Dads released the fantastic 'Club Echo' EP in 2021 and this is one of several highlights from it. Check out the band's Youtube page too as they always make great videos!

Teenage Dads

35. Dinosaur Jnr. - Garden

Lou Barlow pops up with a great tune on the recent 'Sweep It Into Space' album. Dinosaur Jr have been on a creative high for a few years now and this is another worthy addition to their impressive catalogue.

Dinosaur Jr

34. Mogwai - Ritchie Sacramento

From the excellent 'As The Love Continues' album, 'Ritchie Sacramento' is another effortless glide through noise and melody.


 33. Faye Webster - Better Distractions

Slow and languid like a hot summers day, Faye Webster's 'I Know I'm Funny Ha Ha' is a triumph of laid back delivery and melting melodies. Jump into the album at any point and you will not be disappointed.

Faye Webster

32. The Divine Comedy - My Best Mistakes

From the upcoming Divine Comedy retrospective, Neil Hannon delivers another piece of baroque pop music. Hoping to catch him live if the European tour takes place in 2022. Fingers crossed...

The Divine Comedy

31. Crowded House - Playing With Fire

Neil Finn never fails to deliver a great song, but 'Playing With Fire' is one of his best in a while. Taken from the great 'Dreamers Are Waiting' album Crowded House remain members of the pop aristocracy.

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