Vinyl Revolution is incredibly excited to be launching NAKED - the World's 1st eco-friendly vinyl record club.
NAKED was created with 2 goals in mind - to introduce our customers to incredible albums which are either out of press or have never been on vinyl and to support and encourage the use of eco-friendly vinyl which is currently used to press less than 1% of the World's new vinyl records.
    Before Vinyl Revolution our founder Simon Parker was a professional musician who then became a music promotor putting on thousands of events including early gigs for Keane, Bat for Lashes, The Cribs and Kasabian. During his career he has been exposed to a huge amount of brilliant music – a frightening percentage of which has never found the audience it deserves. NAKED is fulfilling Simon's lifelong ambition to bring fantastic albums back into the spotlight and he is thrilled to be doing this with Deepgrooves, the pioneers of eco-friendly vinyl.

    What type of music will NAKED release?

    NAKED will offer records from various music genres with a strong focus on independent artists. Some will be well known and others will have a cult following.  NAKED will release albums by artists with an independent spirit who always put their art before the money.
    Simon has curated the NAKED 'wish list' together with a motley crew of passionate, knowledgeable and trusted music junkies, most of whom are former professional musicians and all of whom are fanatical record collectors. Every single record has been curated for NAKED after great deliberation and passionate debate. 

    And you won't just receive records, you'll gain exclusive access to the artists behind the music with interviews, Q&A, live performances and more....

    HERE ARE NAKED'S FIRST 4 RELEASES WHICH WILL BE DELIVERED IN JUNE, JULY, AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER 2022. We like like to think that they nicely represent what NAKED is all about (if you want to buy them keep going down to the bottom of this page!)


    How limited are NAKED records?

    NAKED will only press 500 individually numbered copies of each album. You won't find NAKED records for sale anywhere else.
    Early subscribers who buy an annual subscription will be able to choose their very own limited edition number which will be theirs for as long as they remain a member.

    Is NAKED just about the records?

    No, but we are all about the music! Members will get a hell of a lot more than just fantastic records. CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF MEMBER BENEFITS

    How are NAKED records eco-friendly?

    All NAKED records will be pressed at Deepgrooves, the World's Greenest Vinyl Pressing Plant. Not only are the records lead-free, non-toxic and fully recyclable but they are made in a carbon neutral factory and transported using carbon neutral transportation.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT DEEPGROOVES

    Do NAKED records sound good?

    YES!!! Eco-friendly vinyl is extremely pure and so is the sound quality. And all records are triple checked by eye and hand rather than by machine.

    How does NAKED Record Club work?

    NAKED members buy a pre-paid subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months. Every month NAKED members receive a new NAKED album and get to enjoy all the other great membership benefits.

    When will I receive my first NAKED record?

    Due to long lead times at all vinyl pressing plants orders for NAKED records are placed at least 6 months before they are manufactured. Monthly deliveries of NAKED records will begin in June 2022. 

    Can I buy a NAKED record without becoming a member?

    NAKED members will always have priority access to NAKED records. Any records not allocated to subscribers will be sold to non-members here in the NAKED store after the record has been pressed but NAKED membership is the only way to guarantee getting your hands on a NAKED record!

    As part of NAKED'S LAUNCH PROMOTION we are offering 50 copies of each of our earliest albums for advance order. This is a one-off launch offer and we would recommend that you place your order very quickly as these copies will go fast!