Wham's Last Christmas might have lost out on the Xmas top spot but it'll always be Simon's No1!

Many of you will know that Vinyl Revolution's founder Simon Parker is a former professional musician who still plays in bands today.

Back in 1995 Simon's band Colourburst decided to give fans attending their last gig of the year a free red cassette featuring their cover of Wham's Last Christmas.Their cover version unexpectedly started to get some get radio play and the band decided to make an accompanying video.The video was shot in one take and by take 7 Simon and bandmates had had more than their fair share of Christmas spirit(s)!

Their cover was never commercially released and so seeking copyright permission wasn't even considered. So it was mixed feelings that Colourburst discovering their video being shown on late night ITV during Christmas 1995

Whilst Colourburst never heard from the great man himself, we like to think that George Michael enjoyed their tribute. 

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