Trading ethically and responsibly has been crucially important to Vinyl Revolution from day one. We aren't  perfect and we aren't 100% carbon neutral yet but we are working hard to get there.

Ways in which Vinyl Revolution protects workers and the environment:

  • Our products are all sourced from suppliers with strict ethical and environment standards
  • Our clothing is certified as Organic, Fair Trade, Fair Wear & Vegan by GOTS, PETA, The Fair Wear Foundation and OKO-TEX
  • Our designs are printed using non toxic water based OEKO-TEX & GOTS certified ink 
  • We are proud members of OneTribeGlobal. Money from every single Vinyl Revolution sale is donated to the The Rainforest Trust to protect the rainforest's trees, wildlife and indigenous people. This is a MUCH more effective way to protect the environment NOW than planting new trees
  • We have never produced or sold a single plastic bag
  • We don't use plastic packaging (our use of packaging is minimised and we use recyclable or biodegradable packaging material)


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