We're back!

It seems like a lifetime ago when we closed our much loved Brighton shop and last saw all those customers who had become good friends. We've missed you and hope that you and your families have stayed safe during what has turned out to be a very difficult year for everybody.

Although we were devastated to close the shop there have been some upsides. We have taken a much needed break and then spent much more time focussing on the things that make Vinyl Revolution special. We've built this lovely new online shop (which can do so much more than the old one) and have had a lot of fun creating fabulous new additions to our clothing range (which is now a LOT more colourful!).

More importantly, Simon has been able to focus his time and energy on music. The sad reality of running a physical shop meant that he spent less time listening to and making music than he had during any other period of his life. During 2020 he's spent a lot of time immersing himself again - namely by reading books and magazines, listening to a vast array of records and making lots of new musical discoveries. He's also watching documentaries, tuned into podcasts and more recently updated his autobiographical book 'Road To Nowhere - Mishaps of an Indie Musician' which will be published again in 2021.

Taking time out has also given us the opportunity to explore new ideas. We are now providing a VIP Vinyl Shopping Experience (which started by accident when we helped customers build their first record collections via the dark arts of Skype and Zoom). This proved to be a lot of fun for everyone involved and often involved a bottle of wine ...or two!. We've also been planning ways to bring you fantastic music on vinyl that you aren't likely to encounter elsewhere. We've been throwing ideas around with musicians, record labels and distributors and will soon be bringing you podcasts, videos and interviews with some very interesting guests. We'll also be launching a new vinyl record subscription service which is called NAKED. From Spring 2021 - things are going to get very exciting indeed!

And of course when life finally returns to normal we'll once again be hosting live music events and pop up shops - we have some very promising new venues in mind!

It's going to take a little while before we'll be completely back up to speed but we're raring to go and very happy to be back. We really can't wait to hear from you all again!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year - roll on 2021!

Simon, Rachel and Treacle


  • Rick Bayles

    Great to hear you’re back! Will you still be doing events, record fairs etc in France? We moved over two weeks ago – would be great to catch you here sometime. Rick

  • Mark Fawcett

    Great to hear you’re back. I think the shop closure was serendipitous in retrospect given what physical retail space has experienced space this year


    I am really happy that you can continue this wonderful adventure.
    It’s people like you who bring rock culture to life.
    Thank you !
    Frédéric BASILLE France.

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