OK, so getting people up onto the dancefloor may be tricky if everyone is attending the office Xmas party via Zoom or Teams, but these 10 singles should be in every discerning DJ’s collection as these heavenly 7's are guaranteed to get even the most challenged dancer up out of their seats…

  1. PULP – COMMON PEOPLE. Jarvis must be very happy to know that his observations about the everyday are now 1000% guaranteed to get the whole room jumping, irrespective of age, creed or management rank. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
  1. CHIC – LE FREAK. One of those songs that is just so funky it makes even the most uncoordinated dancer seem momentarily Travolta-like. Well that’s what I tell myself. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
  1. PRINCE – KISS. His Purple-highness’ featherweight classic literally judders out of the speakers. All you have to do is stand there and occasionally twitch. NOTE: Never attempt any of Prince’s dance moves. You will end up in A&E. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
  1. BLUR – SONG 2. Of course, it’s not all about the funk up there on the dancefloor. This brief moment of sweaty male bonding will usually unite the ‘moshpit’ and cause at least a few spilt pints and the odd bout of fisticuffs. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
  1. THE CLASH – ROCK THE CASBAH. It should come as no surprise that this track was written by the bands drummer Topper Headon. Slinkier than yer average Strummer/Jones creation this is another of those songs which requires little prowess to participate in. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
  1. THE ROLLING STONES – JUMPIN’ JACK FLASH. Deployed late into the set, this is a song which will usually involve an appearance by the company MD. Depending on how much you value your career you might find yourself strutting alongside or purposefully trying to trip up your boss to thisCLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
  1. JAMES BROWN – SEX MACHINE. OK, so there will always be those people who take this song’s sentiments a little too seriously and enthusiastically thrust their bits into your personal space, but ‘Sex Machine’ is worth taking the risk for. A true dancefloor classic. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
  1. SUPERGRASS – ALRIGHT. Aaah, those hazy Britpop memories! Supergrass’ youthful anthem takes us all back to the days of Pot Noodles (and Pot). Nice! CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
  1. THE KILLERS – MR. BRIGHTSIDE. Fast becoming this century’s go-to dancefloor filler. Watch even the most mid-mannered work colleague lose their shit to this one. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
  1. FUNKADELIC – ONE NATION UNDER A GROOVE. As we can see from this video with Pans People, you can throw just about any shape to this and still get away with it. The Funk does not care. It just wants your ass… CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO                                


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