NAKED is not a record company. We are a small independent record club run by Simon Parker, a former professional musician, who has experienced his fair share of exploitative record deals which have left him broke (and in one case even forced to sell his beloved Musicman Stingray bass to pay for studio time). He has also experienced record companies forcing indie bands into doing things they don't want to do and to then reward them by frittering away profits with decidedly dubious 'costs'.

At NAKED we do things VERY differently!

50/50 PROFIT SPLIT:  NAKED pays every cost related to record releases including vinyl mastering, artwork design, vinyl and sleeve production, promotion, songwriter royalties, tax, delivery costs etc etc. The artists take on zero risk and lose nothing if NAKED fails to sell their records.

NAKED runs what's called an 'open book' which means that artists see every single cost associated with their release - NAKED staff do not have expense accounts and won't be having lunch at The Ivy!  After the record is released NAKED and the artist split profits straight down the middle 50/50. No hidden costs, no surprises.

ARTIST CONTROL: What we've found so far is that most NAKED artists are more excited about releasing their music in a way that is true to their own vision rather than be overly concerned with making money. NAKED works closely with artists in a true partnership. The artists choose how they want their album to look and sound, working with us throughout the mastering process.  The artists also make decisions about how the album artwork will look (even down to the pantone colours we use!) and that all-important colour of the vinyl record itself. Most importantly they then tell us how much (or how little) promotion they are comfortable doing . 

At NAKED we only work with artists we love and respect - IT'S  NOT ABOUT US -  IT'S ALL ABOUT THE ARTIST!