Vinyl records should always sound better than any other recorded format because music on vinyl is analogue (rather than digital) and sounds exactly as the artist intended it to.

BUT not all vinyl records sound as good as they should because some record labels press compressed digital masters (originally created for CD) onto vinyl records.  NAKED will never do this! 

All NAKED records are mastered by renowned and highly experienced vinyl mastering engineers. Some NAKED artists already have vinyl masters created by top studios such as Abbey Road. When a new vinyl master is required NAKED calls upon the expert services of Johanz Westerman of Ballyhoo Studio Mastering in the Netherlands. Not only is he brilliant, he's a top man who loves music!

To make NAKED records sound even better Deepgrooves eco-friendly vinyl is extremely pure and the sound quality is too. Deepgrooves was founded by renowned DJ and owner of the Deeptrax record label, most Deepgrooves staff are musicians and they put their heart and soul into each and every record. Sound quality has been a big part of the Deepgrooves ethos since day one and it shows. 

Last but not least Deepgrooves quality control is exceptional and all records are triple checked by eye and hand rather than by machine. In a World where vinyl pressing plants are struggling to keep up with demand this level of passion and attention to detail is more than unusual.