All NAKED records will be pressed at Deepgrooves, the World's Greenest Vinyl Pressing Plant.

Here are the key reasons why pressing NAKED records at Deepgrooves was an absolute no-brainer:

  • Their granulate (the grains they use to make records from) are lead and chloride free and use calcium zinc stabilizers instead of the classic heavy metal stabilizers which are highly toxic.
  • Because they are mineral rather than chemical their vinyl records are non-toxic and recyclable
  • The sound quality is exceptional due to the purity of their vinyl and their quality control. 
  • Their quality control is second to none as all records are triple checked by eye and handrather than by machine.
  • All their machines are powered by green energy, green gas and solar energy from local suppliers
  • Their factory is almost 100% circular and energy and is 99% carbon neutral. 
  • They use environmentally friendly record labels and sleeves using FSC-certified Tullis Russell labels, 90 GSM inner sleeves and thick 300 GSM cardboard covers
  • They use is eco-friendly & vegan ink
  • Their orders are shipped in eco-rriendly heavy duty FSC-certified cardboard boxes and biodegradable paper adhesive tape
  • Their larger shipments are sent on a wooden pallet that is 100% recyclable with biodegradable shrink wrapping made of 50% sugar cane.
  • The shipping Worldwide using services which are 100% carbon neutral worldwide
  • They team up with companies who use empty spaces on trucks for sharing logistics
  • Their website and project management software are located on servers that run on green energy

And we didn’t just read about Deepgrooves and take their word for it, Simon trekked across 3 countries to meet the Deepgrooves team and check out the pressing plant in person.  Here he is with Deepgrooves’ CEO and Founder Chris Roorda outside the Deepgrooves in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. If Chris’ name sounds familiar it’s because he is also a renowned DJ and the owner the Deeptrax labe and record shopl.

If you have any questions about the manufacturing of NAKED Record Club records please don’t hesitate to contact us on

You can also learn more about Vinyl Revolution’s environmental policy here