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NAKED in CLASH Magazine: 5 Ways To Be A More Eco-Friendly Record Collector

Those lovely people at CLASH Magazine asked us for our views on how to become a more eco-friendly vinyl record collector. Of course, we were only too please to oblige, so here are 5 ways to look after your records and promote longevity for those lovely slabs of wax...

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THE QUIETUS: Eco-Vinyl And The Impact Of Our Listening Habits (April 2022)

The Quietus have just undertaken the most in-depth investigation into the environmental impact of vinyl records.  NAKED Record Club is featured heavily in this excellent piece by Jono Podmore.

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  Most of us will be aware of the terrifying climate change facts laid out in this week’s IPCC Report. If we are going to avoid climate catastrophe we need to act now, there’s no longer time for procrastination – it’s now or never! The recent IFPI Global Music Report shows that music revenues are soaring. As music lovers this should be a cause for celebration.  But there is a question which virtually no-one is asking - what exactly is the environmental cost? Record companies have hired sustainability experts and developed environmental policies and it’s clear that many bands and artists want to help protect the planet but is the music industry doing enough? And does anybody really understand the...

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