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Lots of companies are helping the planet by planting new trees but saving the rainforest is a more powerful and immediate way to combat climate change. We are thrilled that every time you buy from Vinyl Revolution you will now be saving rainforest trees, combatting climate change and protecting endangered wildlife and indigenous communities.

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Vinyl Revolution Top 10 Tree-Related Chart!

In celebration of our new alliance with One Tr[1]be Global and Rainforest Trust, here's a light-hearted top ten celebrating TREES - those carbon dioxide absorbing beauties. Enjoy our playlist over at Spotify! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO 'FOR THE TREES' (A VINYL REVOLUTION TOP 10 PLAYLIST   1. THE STEREOPHONICS - A THOUSAND TREES   2. THE CURE - A FOREST   3. SCRITTI POLITTI - WOOD BEEZ (PRAY LIKE ARETHA FRANKLIN)     4. PULP - THE TREES   5. WOODKID - RUN BOY RUN   6. SIMON & GARFUNKEL - LEAVES THAT ARE GREEN   7. OZZY OSBOURNE - BARK AT THE MOON   8. a-HA - OVER THE TREETOPS   9. PAUL WELLER - WILD WOOD   10. CROWDED...

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