Vinyl Revolution Top 10 Tree-Related Chart!

In celebration of our new alliance with One Tr[1]be Global and Rainforest Trust, here's a light-hearted top ten celebrating TREES - those carbon dioxide absorbing beauties. Enjoy our playlist over at Spotify! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO 'FOR THE TREES' (A VINYL REVOLUTION TOP 10 PLAYLIST   1. THE STEREOPHONICS - A THOUSAND TREES   2. THE CURE - A FOREST   3. SCRITTI POLITTI - WOOD BEEZ (PRAY LIKE ARETHA FRANKLIN)     4. PULP - THE TREES   5. WOODKID - RUN BOY RUN   6. SIMON & GARFUNKEL - LEAVES THAT ARE GREEN   7. OZZY OSBOURNE - BARK AT THE MOON   8. a-HA - OVER THE TREETOPS   9. PAUL WELLER - WILD WOOD   10. CROWDED...

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